Humans of Hope: Bea Legarda

Transcription by Dennis Jambalos and Lorraine Dela Cruz

Edited by Patrick Caro

Could you share a bit on how it has been for you as well as how you were able to cope up with the different trials that this situation has brought upon? Do you find it that because of this chatting that you do with your friends even online, it somehow provides them with a sense of normalcy or something that keeps them in high spirits? Do you think that the people you talk with when you do this also are given high spirits because of what you do?

“I guess one of the ways that I’m able to keep myself sane during this pandemic is really catching up with my friends and loved ones even if I’m not able to physically be with them because I really value my relationships with others. I really go the extra mile in making sure that I’m still in touch with my closest friends and family. By doing so, I’m able to grasp as much of normalcy as I can. Spending time with these important people in our lives will also give them this sense of high spirit or normalcy because when after I have video calls with friends, we always say how much we appreciated this time and how much we miss each other. Even if we are not physically able to see each other, we are still able to know a lot about what’s going on in each others’ lives. With that, we’re able to help each other uplift our spirits, and feel better.”

What is Hope for you? What symbolizes hope and in what circumstances do you see it? Why is it important and how can other people emulate either your action or thought processes so that they may find their own sense of hope in their lives?

“For me hope is really finding the light amidst the darkest of situations and I think that hope is a choice that we continue to choose. Staying hopeful is important because we’ll always have struggles. As human beings we always go through dark times and we will always have our own fair share of difficulties but hope is what will keep us afloat and hope will keep us continue push us towards the right direction. It helps us continue going on despite the difficulties. I think one way for us to remain hopeful and something that other people can do as well is to find a good cause that they can advocate for because as mentioned being a part of Kythe Ateneo really helped me see the value of hope and it was through my interaction with the sector that I am able to see an embodiment of hope. Finding a good cause and truly advocating and being passionate about it will help us remain hopeful despite everything because it is also the support system that you will gain from these advocacies and sectors that you include yourself in, that will help us all remain hopeful.”

Edited by Patrick Caro

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