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Inspiring hope, one pediatric patient at a time. #ForTheKids!

Article written by Czarina Corine Topacio

Cancer is as much of a nation’s as it is an individual’s fight; with over 141 000 new cases in 2018 (The Global Cancer Observatory, 2020), we must implement overarching plans that seek to address and alleviate the burden of cancer. By this, it means that the responsibility of control, awareness, and care extend beyond the hospital and medical setting — we must recognize that this must be, and is also, a joint effort with legislative processes. …

The March Issue of The Hope Front is finally here!

Amidst the current situation, THP still aims to promote and ensure the normal growth of a child confined in a hospital setting. Let us help each other and #InspireHope during these trying times.

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Content by: Jeanine Gaudia

Design by: Monica Luyun

Article written by Rianne Danielle P. Javinal

Ever wondered what keeps our brain fueled, making us function in our activities of daily living within the 24 hours of the day? Food and proper nutrition keep us going in our everyday lives. They are vital in maintaining health, especially for children undergoing cancer treatments. A healthy and well-balanced diet aids cancer treatments in improving the quality of life of the patients. At the same time, it helps them recover from the treatments by promoting strength and overall wellness.

According to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, some of the side effects of…

Transcription by Dennis Jambalos and Lorraine Dela Cruz

Gian Nicdao

What was the most memorable moment that gave you HOPE?

Everytime there’s a hospital visit, it’s like this is the only time that you could focus on the kids. It’s always been a quality quality time in Bahay Aruga cause these kids are so inspiring, it just makes you think that these kids have diseases like cancer, leukemia all of these things but they don’t show it. They’re the strongest people, then there’s us na we don’t have any illnesses and we complain a lot but these kids I never…

Article written by Christine Marianne Dapal

The development of cancer in children is very rare compared to adults and most of the time, there is no known underlying cause for the development of their cancer. In addition, pediatric cancer may behave very differently from adult cancers, even if they start in the same part of the body. Unlike many cancers in adults, childhood cancers are not strongly linked to lifestyle or environmental risk factors and only a small number of childhood cancers are caused by DNA changes that are passed from parents to their child (American Cancer Society, n.d.). For…

Article written by Rowz Fajardo

Edited by Patrick Caro

Fighting against a chronic disease at an age where you have barely explored much about the world and life is a tough battle. But with the current global situation, struggling with such a disease is much worse. Children with cancer grapple with their disease while making sure they do not acquire the recent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) because they are one of the most vulnerable to it. The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the world. Countries are struggling with shortages of basic medical care items such as intensive care unit beds, ventilators, personal protective equipment, disinfectants…

Transcription by Dennis Jambalos and Lorraine Dela Cruz

Edited by Patrick Caro

Could you share a bit on how it has been for you as well as how you were able to cope up with the different trials that this situation has brought upon? Do you find it that because of this chatting that you do with your friends even online, it somehow provides them with a sense of normalcy or something that keeps them in high spirits? Do you think that the people you talk with when you do this also are given high spirits because of what you do?

“I guess one…

Article written by Patricia Ann Baylon

Photo by The Hope Project UPM

“It’s the hard times that leave us doubting ourselves, can leave us feeling isolated. But staying connected can keep us well, both emotionally and psychologically.”- Adam Greiner, Psychosocial Manager of the British Red Cross

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, students from preschool to college continue on with their lives stuck indoors, perhaps seeing their laptops and cellphones as their only bits of hope. Crammed into these tiny gadgets that serve as windows to the outside world, are far-away friends, online classes that take up hours of one’s time, and hobbies that serve as momentary…

Transcription by Dennis Jambalos and Lorraine Dela Cruz

Edited by Patrick Caro

How were you able to cope with the load of 2nd year Med as well as being Co-president of THP last year?

“Actually, I had no intentions, prior to that, of being THP Co-president kasi I’ve been with THP for a long time and then I thought of someone else to be Co-president. But, the circumstances kinda asked for it. THP was struggling for a bit in the years before our term. So, me and Reena decided na we run for president and then, when we did, our goal was really to…

Article written by Frances Nadine Cua

Photo by Patrick Caro

Envision a childhood full of going in and out of the hospital or one that is confined to a hospital setting. Takes a toll on your quality of life, won’t it? That is in part a glimpse of what a handful of children with cancer experience on a habitual basis.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month highlights both the struggles and the triumphs in the field of pediatric cancer and most importantly, the children who experience it firsthand. …

The Hope Project

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